Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Written by Home Actions

Your bedroom should be like an in-home retreat. Even though you may be asleep for most of the hours you are in your bedroom, it is probably one of the places in your home where you spend most of your time. This room should be a sanctuary to promote healthy sleep and relaxation. Follow these simple tips to design a perfect bedroom that keeps you calm and relaxed when you need time to yourself during the day or when you’re ready for sleep.

Choose Dark Colors

You may have heard people say that you should avoid dark colors when painting a room to prevent it from feeling closed in. But making your bedroom feel small and cozy actually may increase the relaxing feeling you get when you spend time there. A dark color on the walls, or even just an accent wall, can enhance the comfort levels of the space. If you don’t care for dark colors, consider using darker fabrics and accessories throughout the room.

Keep It Cool

Keeping it cool isn’t just about the color scheme you choose. Ample evidence suggests that people sleep better when the air temperature is cooler. Of course, you can always turn down your furnace at night while you’re sleeping, but you also may want to install a ceiling fan in your bedroom to circulate air.

Install Blackout Shades

Most people sleep better in near-total darkness. If you have a lot of ambient light coming in through windows or other rooms in the home, consider adding blackout shades to keep your room even darker for a better night’s sleep.

Consider the Lighting

Although you do want to block out ambient lighting when you sleep, you also should consider the other lighting you’ll need to use in your bedroom. You may need a task light, for example for a dressing station or vanity. Or also you may want reading lights by your bedside to read and unwind before going to sleep.

Make It Soft

Soft fabric can create a sense of calm for your bedroom respite. Consider plush rugs for under your feet and soft bedding that makes you feel relaxed when you touch it. The sense of touch is important, especially when you’re trying to make a space feel as cozy as it looks. Consider things like soft chenille, microfiber or faux fur.

Article sourced and written by Home Actions


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